Inicio - Casa de Piedra en Trevelin
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The complex is located in a residential neighbourhood of Trevelin in a natural setting and distributed so that all of the cabin has a privileged view of the Cordillera of the Patagonian Andes.
The large valley which receives you shelters Trevelin and has the very character of the Patagonian landscape, with a backdrop of blue and snow-capped mountains, great plains covered with crops when not by local flora, and the typical and prophetic breeze of the southerly wind.
From here on, various routes allow you to admire nature in all her splendour. Continue from here south, to Corcovado, Carrenleufu or further even, to the great Lake Vintter. From Carrenleufu, one can cross the frontier to Palena and if one wishes to have a beautiful day trip, one may return by the pass at Futaleufu.
Now in the village, in the footprints and with the preservation of the old products you may learn how the first flour mill powered by horse worked, and finish in this way with you imagining in today’s setting what the epic developments of the first settlers in the region would have been like.


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